Have two license files...

I think I know the answer but wanted to at least give this a try…We’ve got Knime server large with 5 dev licenses now consumed.

A second license was bought, now we have two license files. Is there a way to combine the two in the server config (My guess is that’s a no). I had asked the purchaser to call sales to see if there was a way to combine them or ‘bump up’ the current license, I think this got lost in translation.

I understand that a license is consumed when the desktop app is connected to the server, this is a thing that wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did (the devs were supposed to be limited but everyone connected).

I see discussion about ‘deleting’ a user and letting it fall off after a week to reclaim a license, however, we’re connected to LDAP and only have one ‘user’ which is knimeadmin, everybody else comes in and is authenticated via LDAP. Is there any special guide to exactly how to remove a user from the server in this case?

I am wondering whether the upshot is that we’ll have to run two separate KNIME instances, is that the best way around this?

Cheers MC

If the second licenses was purchased to add more users to the system, then we will need to create you a license that combines them. Essentially a new license file.

An AD or LDAP based user will fall off if they have not logged in within the same period of time. If you want to prevent a user from logging in, you can explicitly set the LDAP users and groups that can log in as which type (users or consumer) within the knime-server.config file

KNIME Server will check the user against the username and group/role memberships with those outlined in the config file.

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