having problems loging into the Forum

i am having a strange problem: every time a try to login the forum (now 4 times) it says my password is wrong, so i request a reset link, reset the password, it then says “changes saved” after i saved my new password, but next time i try to login: same spiel again. Tried this now with firefox (FF 74, 64-bit, windows and chrome (latest version).

Its not life or death, but a bit annoying
Does anyone else have this problems?


Hi there @TotalDataLoss,

never heard this one but I’m sure it is annoying. Some will take a look.


Hi there @TotalDataLoss,

are you still experiencing problems with Forum login?


Hi Ipazin,
in fact yes. I just had to reset password again.
I use firefox latest version Win7, but i can’t imagine it has something to do with that?

It makes it quite ardous to log in.

Thanks for asking!

Hi ipazin,
this can be closed. I somehow didn’t realize one HAS to use the username to login. I was under the false impression that email is ok, which it isn’t.
So now everything works fine.

have a good one

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Hi @TotalDataLoss,

glad you figured it out!


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