Heap Space problem w/ Database Writer and append


I have a problem with the Database Writer Node. I want to append new rows to an existing table in the database. The table has 134 columns and approx 35M rows. I'm using KNIME 2.7.0. Heap Space is set to 8GB and I've once tested it with 16GB, and MaxPerm is set to 2GB. The table, I try to append has 330k rows. But the tables I have to append soon will be a lot larger.

Till now I tried to adjust Batch Size(1, 100, 10000) and input table size (starting with full and now I'm at just 100 rows...). 

I have the feeling, that the Database Writer tries to load the existing table from the database before appending the new table. But in another thread I read, that it creates PreparedStatements for INSERT, so that loading the table would make no sense to me.


Has anyone an idea on how to fix this problem? Or is there perhaps another way to insert tables?

Thanks for reporting this problem. We have fixed a bug #3912 (see the changelog http://tech.knime.org/changelog-v271) in KNIME 2.7.1 and I assume this would fix also your problem. Can you please run an update via Help > Check for Updates and try again. Thanks.

2.7.1 works like a charm. Thanks a lot. :)