Heatmap image of variable size (number of rows)

I have created a heatmap using the heatmap.2 R View (Table) node.  The map is passed to the Image to Report node for publication to the WebPortal.  The length (number of rows) of the heatmap varies depending on the results returned from a query.


In the Report (General properties), the size of the heatmap is fixed (by me) at 7.5 in wide by 3.75 in high.  If there are many rows that are returned, the row heights of the table are so small that the information is illegible.  If there are only a few records returned from the query, the row heights are excessively large.  

Is there a means by which the table size is scaled to reflect a preferred row height and the number of rows to be displayed?



Hi Bradley,

could you maybe make us an example workflow demonstrating the problem.

Birt tends to be restrictive as soon as you enter any sizes. Especially sometime you cannot errase them afterwards again to be more automatically set....

What I typically do is I set only the width to a percentage of the width of the document. The height is than automatically calculated.

Or you restrict the size inside the KNIME Analytics Plattform using flow variables?

Best, Iris 

PS: I moved your question to the Reporting section. 


Thank you for your reply.

I modified the image dimensions in BIRT to be 100% width and unspecified height.  This did not resolve the issue of the rows being illegible when there is a considerable number to display. 

The application is that I have a workflow that is published to the WebPortal for use by others on my team.  They can select from a list of system (compute server) groups.  These groups vary considerably in the number of systems contained.  Thus, the heatmap, let's say of swap space utilization over the past 30 days, will be of different lengths.

I can obtain the count of rows and can multiply the value by some number (integer # of pixels?) to obtain a variable with value for size (height) of the image.  However, I cannot figure out how to apply the (variable) computed size to the R View node.  When I go to the flow variable tab, there is a image width and image height.  I select the variable from the drop down, but, I get errors when I attempt to execute the node.

BTW, I don't find a parameter in the R heatmap.2 node that allows the size of the table to be specified.

Is there something additional that I'm overlooking?

Thank you,