Hello, how can I join two Excel into one to be able to perform a vlookup?

Hello, how can I join two Excel into one to be able to perform a vlookup? Or can it be done without having to join the two Excel?

I need the vlookup in excel 1 to pull the price information and put it in the price column in excel 2


Rather than Excel Writers, you would want to read the Excel files into KNIME using Excel Readers.

Each is read into a KNIME table, and then this can be joined using a Joiner node, where you match on , for example “product”

and retrieve the “stock price”

and after a subsequent calculation of “cost” using a Math Formula, this can be written back to one of the Excel files.

The above works for both KNIME AP4.x and KNIME 5.x

In KNIME 5.1, you have an additional option. The new Value Lookup node which is an equivalent of the Excel VLookup function.

Join Excel and VLookup KAP5.1.knwf (28.6 KB)

Join Excel and VLookup KAP4.x.knwf (23.3 KB)


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Hi @BOSCHITO , this is why I gave you the two examples. One using Value Lookup (KNIME 5.1) and one using Joiner (KNIME 4.x).

I hope that helps. If you need further assistance on this specific topic please ask here.


In older versions the Cell Replacer Node is the equivalent to value lookup


Ah yes, I always forget the Cell Replacer can append columns too! :slight_smile:

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