Help Assigning and Sorting Multiple Conditions to Image Numbers?

Hi guys!

Right now, my table looks like this:


What I have is a list of Image Numbers (~150), and I want to assign specific numbers to a condition. For example: Images 1-6, 36-42, and 72-77 all correspond to one cell type with no treatment.

What I’d like to do is create something like this:

Where each table = 1 condition containing specific image numbers and correlating measurements

OR where it is appended like this:

The only thing I don’t want (which I didn’t show in the Excel tables I made) is to aggregate all the data from each image. Right now, each row represents the average mitochondrial measurements from one cell body. I don’t want an image average of the cell bodies from the mitochondria.

Thanks In Advance!

I would use the rule engine or column expressions node to assign a group number / name in a new column. Then you can sort on that first before sorting on the image number and whatever other criteria. It will also allow you to use the Group By node and group the aggregate calculation by that calculated group number / name.

Thank you!!

Okay - I used a bunch of String Replacers to switch my Image Numbers with Treatment/Experiment details, and my table now looks like this:

Now I need to split the “Image Name” and corresponding measurements into new tables or columns. I want to avoid using the “GroupBy” function because I don’t want to aggregate the data into one point (e.g. mean), I still want all the points associated with that condition.

Ideally, I’d like to offset the results like this, so I can easily copy/paste each column without manually sorting through the column:

I would recommend using the Row Splitter rather than offsetting. It will split streams for separate processing, and you can always concatenate them back together. If you rename the column names, then it will append them off to the right, like in your image.

Also, you can always aggregate using the Group By node and then either append the aggregation column or Join it back to main table and retain the detail by column.

Yet another one… You can use the sorter node, or write them to separate tabs in an excel export, or just directly insert them via KNIME instead of manual copy & paste. Tons of options.

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