HELP! Calculating time range

Hi all,

I have a problem with calculating the time difference between two date and times. I have tried to use the “string to Date/time” and “Date&Time difference”, but it wont work.

I have also tried to “manipulate” the date and time in my excel sheet before adding it in Knime, but nothing works.
I want to calculate the time between “Time 1 (visit)” and “time 2 (call cancel)”

After I get the result, i would also like to find out if theres a correlation between either “reason” or “size”. I was thinking about using the node “Linear Correlation”, is this a good method?
I have uploaded a selection of the data available to me, so you can see the data formation.

Thank you in advance. :smiley:

KnimeForumData.xlsx (36.9 KB)

The Date Time Difference node should probably suffice - i’ve attached a workflow with those nodes being used to provide both a numerical value which is the difference in minutes between the two events, and a “Duration” value - which is a kind of data type in KNIME.
alberte’s time-diff.knwf (8.8 KB)



Thank you for your help! It was very helpful :smiley:


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