Help Column Expressions unclosed closed error

how can i solve this problem ?

Hi @umutcankurt just a guess but are you needing to use a close parenthesis somewhere?

Could you supply the actual expression?


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Hi; @Matt_D
I didn’t understand exactly what you mean. The workflow works as follows.

data is processed into the sector column according to the word list, if any, the searched word.

It does not cause problems in other word lists, but there is a problem in this sector. I changed the data in the input, tried it with different data, and got the same error again. Is there a problem with the word list? I did not understand.

What I don’t understand is if there is a problem, it didn’t happen in other workflows.

should work
After comparison, if it contains any word from the valid word list, write it in the relevant column.

where the error occurred

I’m not sure what this could be but someone else maybe able to help. I tried to replicate in 4.5 but couldn’t.

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@umutcankurt Just on another quick look, you have item in your match values highlighted below which contains ), I’m wondering if this is messing with the query in any way, could you remove that row and try again?

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it worked fine when I tried it in a different wordlist. apparently not related to the workflow but the issue seems to be triggered by a difference in the wordlist. I couldn’t upload it because the workflow is big.

I will test what you sent. Thanks for help

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OK this is good investigation, hopefully you can pinpoint the word causing the issue, high hopes it is the ) causing the issue! :slight_smile:

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Yes, your point was correct. Thanks again :+1: :wink:

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@umutcankurt you can still use the ) in your keyword list but if using REGEX you’ll need to “escape” the character using \

Regex Tutorial - Literal Characters and Special Characters (

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