Help: Data Vizualisation, Cartographic results

Hello Community,

I would like to ask you about a problem I am currently experiencing. I have a
workflow that allows me to make data reports with BIRT in order to obtain
diagrams. How can I transform these data in diagrams into cartographic data?
That is to say, which nodes can I use to replace the data report and obtain a
“cartographic report” instead?


Welcome to the world of KNIME.
For the purpose of visualising geo data several nodes exist for KNIME.
May I draw your attention to these sources of information:

For sure there is much more information available.

For creating a report I’m not aware of a solution.
A workaround could be to add screenshots from these node outputs to the report.

For the creation of interactive maps solutions like umap uMap might be a potential solution. Here you can simply visualise the geo information.



Thank you for your answer. The nodes you gave me help me better understand.

Now my question is how can i use Knime to recreate, transcribe the France map like in the photo?



Sorry for the late reply.
There is a nice workflow example available on Open Street Map - World Cities – KNIME Hub

Maybe that helps you to further develop your own workflow.
You may display further information using the “hoover over” functionality.


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