Help for add only new rows


I’m new in knime, i’m using in general Powerquery and M language for making my “ETL”
But i decide to try with Knime this time.
I have searched the solution to my problem in google but i don’t find ,… could you please help me ? (sorry if it’s a stupid question)

I have somes files in xls that are refreshed every month (Same columns every files) and i need to import only new rows in a accessdata base

Thanks for your help

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You can try

instead of DB Update.

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i try this but i have this error :

Execute failed: UCAExc:::4.0.4 user lacks privilege or object not found: COUNTER

Maybe you can have a look at this example

You might want to check if MS Access supports the operation. In this example it does work:


Hi there @Leophil,

Why have you added Counter Generation to your table? Error you are seeing is probably because you don’t have Counter column (created with above mentioned node) in your database and DB nodes require exact column match. Maybe you need to rename it or use some other column in WHERE clause?

You are free to ask questions here (even stupid ones although I would call this one stupid) and answer them as well :wink:

Welcome to KNIME Community!


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Thanks for your help. It’s working. :slight_smile:


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