Help for conditional editing in data columns.

As in the example in the picture, I want to edit the data in the wrong column if there are nnnn words in its content, move it to the right column, how can I do it?

How can I conditionally edit the column. If it contains nnnn words in the same line, is it possible to arrange such as transfer to the right column?

Hi @umutcankurt , you can use the Rule Engine node for this.

You can use this Expression:

$Locations$ LIKE "Headquarter:*" => $Locations$
TRUE => $Headquarter$

And make sure you choose Replace Column: Headquarter.

EDIT: The rule should be:
$Locations$ LIKE "Headquarter:*" => $Locations$

It should have a wildcard at the end (the * is the wildcard). I fixed it in the original answer, so that other members do not use the wrong one by mistake.


Hi; example file Processing: test__.table…
First of all thanks for the reply. I tried but it didn’t work, do the words have to match exactly? It didn’t work only with the rule of having “Headquarter:” in the word.

why could it be ? is there something i did wrong.

Hi @umutcankurt , I corrected the answer while you were testing it, so you missed the correction :slight_smile:

I forgot to add the wildcard in my original answer. See the * at the end.


thanks it’s done now. The solution is correct, also thanks again for your support and help :+1: :wink:


No problem @umutcankurt


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