Help for filtering with exact match in word filtering.

Hi; Armin @armingrudd
I am trying to filter the word that appears in the picture by reading it from the excel file. But I want it to filter if there is an exact match, not a partial.

I put a space at the end of the words, but I couldn’t be sure.

it has to compare lines containing several words in the same way. Not as a single word, as it is stated as a sentence.

the only words are not partial, but comparative

a sample flow will be very useful to me.

I add the current workflow image I use

join(".(", regexReplace($column1$, ", ", “|”), ").")

Hi Umut,

As I understand, you want to include the rows in which the words appear.
To do that, you can concatenate the words with “|” as delimiter and then create the regex using the String Manipulation node and pass it as a flow variable to the Row Filter node:

row_filter_regex.knwf (23.1 KB)

If this is not what you were looking for, please explain your issue further. Let me know what the input and your desired output is (images or a data set would be the best options).



thanks Armin for the answer; I will test and return as soon as possible. @armingrudd

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