Help for finding values outer bound

Hi folks
I’m struggling with about 50 features. Each feature is a double value measure and has two additional columns with the lower and upper bound. It’s a “set” of three columns (value, lower bound, upper bound).
The features are all from one product and I want to know which feature causes the faulty testing result.

What is the best way to get a boolean result for each feature as well as get an overall result with the faulty feature(s) named by name (column header). I have no idea to achieve that in Knime.

I appreciate your help and I am curious on your tipps and hints.


Hi Martin,

Would you please provide some sample data?


Sure, but I do not have access to real data right now. I created a sample data set like it ist in the original set.

There you will find the value with it’s bounds in two separate columns. I hope this makes it clearer.

Thanks in advance.

Sample Data.txt (1.3 KB)

Hi Martin,

I used the “Column List Loop Start” node to loop over value columns.
Used a flow variable to filter the columns regarding the current feature.
Then used 2 “Column Expressions” node to create 2 columns, one showing where the fault is (exceeding upper or lower limit) and the other is a Boolean column which has a true value for healthy features and false for the faulty ones.
at the end I closed the loop and joined the columns.

Here is the output:

The workflow is attached.


out of bound.knwf (46.8 KB)

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Wow, amazing!!!
Thanks for your help!!

I will try it these days.

I appreciate your help.