help in a work

Hi to Everyone :
Im student in Data Analytics, and I’m Working with knime. I have a final assignment to do. My database is like 10.000 rows. I have data from a Supermarket and their list products Id, there are like 1300 difference products. I have to create a model that can predict price at each product for each store. I have been searching and I don’t find a solution for it. Can someone give any idea to how i can clean my data or what model can be usseful for my work.?


Hi @camvinga_19 -

Since this is an assignment, we might be able to give you some general pointers… but it would be helpful first to see what your data looks like.


maybe these links give you an idea


i think my data its a little more reduced than that. I only have product sell price and product store sales that is what im looking for. A predicted number of sales for each product from each store. Any more ideas???


how can i show you my data? I have a train and test data.