Help in understanding the usage of the Table View (JavaScript) node

Hi guys,

I would like to have your help in understanding the usage of the Table View (JavaScript) node.

I have the Table View (JavaScript) node as one of the last nodes of a certain a wrapped metanode. I want to use it to display the results of the wrapped metanode and select (from the outside of the metanode) a subset of the results. The problem is that when I select them from the interactive view and I “Close & apply temporarily” (or “Close & apply as new default”) the metanode is reset and re-runned from the beginning. In this way I loose all the results I generated inside the metanode before the Table View (JavaScript) node.

Is there a way in which when I apply temporarily the selection from the interactive view the metanode is re-runned only starting from the Table View (JavaScript) node?

Thank you in advance


Hi @gcincilla,

The easiest way to achieve this is by splitting your wrapped metanode into two whereby the second one only contains the Table View (JavaScript) node. By this, only the second metanode will be re-executed when settings are applied in the View.


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OK, thank you Simon.