[HELP] Knime Tableau Node

Hi, i would like to ask about Tableau Writer (TDE).
Below is my explaination regarding on what i’m facing right now:

  1. I am using Knime’s Nodes to manipulate my MySQL tables and want to export it as Tableau Data Extract.
  2. All the Node’s process went well except Tableau Writer (TDE) where it refuses when i want to re-execute all process after done changing some other Node’s configurations.
  3. This only happens when i opened the extracted data with Tableau Desktop while executing the processes to see the changes. I have already ticked the ‘Overwrite OK’ on the Tableau Writer (TDE) Node’s. Supposedly it will re-write the new data right?
  4. Let’s say i want to schedule the task and export it to Tableau Server to let users keep on having the latest data, how to do it? will it failed like what i am doing right now?

Thank you

Hi @paijiey -

Can you post an error message or log associated with the Tableau Writer failure so we can assist with diagnosis? If you have a sample workflow you could post, that would be helpful as well.