Help me in pulling data from this website?

I am trying to load data from this dashboard -

However, I’m not seeing options to pull data using a Json API. The documentation on API is also not mentioning json endpoint - Introduction - Dune Docs

So what would be the best way for me to pull data from the above dashboard, which API that is supported in KNIME?

Hi @tone_n_tune,

since you haven’t specified what you exactly are after I checked the website and noticed it utilized graphql. You might find this example workflow of interest.

In case you could specify your request, I might be able to provide a more precise response and eventually a solution.



I would like to pull the data displayed in that dashboard provided in the link.

Hi @tone_n_tune,

there is a whole host of information displayed so I assume you mean the five graphs, don’t you?

The easiest way would be to extract the raw data from each link / detail page like so:

Or, properly utilizing their API, get a free API key, connect and query the examples shown above.

There is a query builder and example page which is super convenient:

The most straight forward way to crawwling the data would be using a GET Request like so:

curl --request GET \

The query ID can be found in the URL:

There is also another short cut to get the API queries using the gray button “API” to the right:

Anyways, I build a quick & dirty workflow for you. You just have to create an API key and insert that using the widget :wink:

Happy “kniming”

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