[Help Needed]_How can i switch the flow if there is an error on the main branch?

Hi Guys,

I have a difficulty to clean up my data because of the small DOT in my data.
I am not expert and tried to imitate Try/Catch/active branch inverter node but it doesn’t work at all.
Please review my background/attached flow below and guide me how to break though this problem.
I appreciate your help in advance.


  1. My data should be integer but sometime there is DOT at the end of the number.
    Thus, when excel writer read, the column become string.
  2. The date need to join with another table and the reference column is also integer.
  3. I have tried to use try/catch/active branch inverter node which i don’t know how to use.
    I just tried to imitate what other people post in this forum.

switchflow.knwf (36.8 KB)

Hi there @sangevanlee,

welcome to KNIME Community!

I have checked your workflow and you were almost there. Problem was that String Manipulation node reported error in configuration step (couldn’t compile when column is not string) and Try/Catch sequence doesn’t catch those types of errors (there is a ticket to improve this). Regarding the second part you do not need Active Branch Inverter node so deleting him works just fine.

Anyways my suggestion is to use only one node, Column Expressions, with appropriate configuration and function you already created. I have tested it and works in both cases. Here is configuration print screen. It does cast from String to Int if necessary by itself.

Hope this helps. Happy KNIMEing!



Hi Ivan,

Thank you very much for your solution.
I managed to complete my flow with column expressions as you guided me.
I really really appreciate your help once again.

Best Regards,


Hi @sangevanlee,

glad you made it.


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