Help on a library dataset


Im working on a library dataset and i need to find out these


1. Which authors book is taken frequenly

2. On which date more books has been taken and so on...


Which nodes should i use for proper result..


Please help me... Thanks in advance...


P.S.     I just started using knime a week ago so detailed explaination is much appreciated

Dear sibi,

this is of course a very widely formulated question. But I can give you some pointer to get you started.

For analyzing text we offer the text mining extension. You can find examples of how these nodes are used on our example server. Another good starting point is as always our Online Self Training

As your questions mostly refer to aggregations the GroupBy node is for sure your friend. It offers tons of different aggregations, for various data types.

I hope this help you get started, 

cheers, Iris