Help on Bubble Chart (JFreeChart)


The Bubble Chart has an option called "Show legend".

When I activate that option, it throws the following message on the console: "No legend information is given".

I need to replace the indexes for names on the bubble sort legend.

How do I provide the legent information of it?

Please help.



Hi guys!

Please help!


I think legends are not supported by this node. (Probably it shows them if there is color information in the rows, not sure. I think it might also show three dots with different sizes for the "numorder" in your case.)

It seems this node do not support non-numeric columns as axis values, so having other values there is not possible (have you succeed to set them?).

I would recommend the Scatterplot node instead if it suits your needs better, though as I remember it do not support legends either.

aborg, thanks for your message.

The option "Show Legend" shown at the interface made me think that legends were supported.


I willl chip in here really quickly.  The legend option does work, but only if you have a color manager upstream of the plot which is used to generate legend information.  See the attached screenshots for the workflow and resulting plot.