Help please

Using market basket analysis techniques,

  1. Study the variation of the number of frequent item sets (free, closed and maximal) varying
    the support.
  2. Study the variation of the number of association rules fixing the support.
  3. Select one of the rules with largest lift. Justify the value of the lift.

Can someone explain this please and what to do?

Hi @joaopinto190599

I didn’t understand your question very well, so I give you a general answer.

If you don’t know any think about Association rule learning and things like support, confidence and lift I suggest you to google it. You can find some tutorials about it in youtube.

If you don’t know how to use association rules in KNIME you can use this link:

Or in KNIME’s examples => applications => MarketBasketAnalysis you can learn how it works in knime.

BTW in Association Rule Learner (Borgelt) node you can change minimum of your set size, support and rule confidence and you can select the largest lift with Top K Selector node.

I hope it helps you


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