help to divide the value 0101011500000000

Hello, I wanted to know if you could help me to split the value 0101011500000000 by digits of two, for example, for this case, in a column it should be 01|01|01|15|00|00|00|00

I know that regex split exists but I can’t find the pattern that solves this problem

I would appreciate any help or suggestion, thanks.

Hello @Jalvear

You can test String Manipulation node with the following code:

	regexReplace($text$, "(..)", "\\|$1")
	, 1
	, length( regexReplace($text$, "(..)", "\\|$1") )  

Regex Split node:




the string manipulation function works wonderfully I can continue with that many, thanks the one below if I did not get any result,

thanks for the prompt help


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