Help using Knime in a bigger project.


Currently I have to participate in a big project mainly written in C. To summarize: it is accesible from a Virtual machine. User submit input and the code first check if there is already the solution in the database. If not the simulation is launched and then the result is inscribed in the Database.

The project in mainly written in C but the part with the Database and the model creation is done with KNIME. I have by now 4 workflow that fit my need and need to be included in the whole code.

My question is the following:

  • Is it possible to retrieve data from knime without writing a file? As it is very slow I would ideally just directly collect the Data after launching the batch app without writing a file with the results. But it seem to me that writing is the only "escape way" out of knime for the datas.

example here is the batch part in my code:

std::string    _command_line= "knime -nosplash -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -workflowFile=/home/polux/Projet/ etc etc.......


I want to recolt the ONLY table that is an output of the workflowbut without having to write it in a file first. Is it possible via batch or a node?

Excuse me if those questions are stupid. I am a beginner and was recruted for a semester project with Knime and totally learnt while doing it.

Thanks for the answer ^^


Plz can someone answer? I can provide better describtion of my probleme if this is needed

Hello polux,

You most probably need to write the data to a file (or a database, which can be in-memory) and read that in KNIME. I have created a node which integrated another Java-based tool (RapidMiner) with in-memory data exchange, so that is possible too. It is harder with C-based tools.

Cheers, gabor

thank you for your answer.

I know how to do it while writing data to a file but the problem is that it is slow. Isn't there any way to pass Data as argument or at least without having to write on the disk?

I just want to avoid the additional time of writing something that I don't need to keep.