Help with a example of Knime

Hi guys.

I’m new in knime and need help with a little problem.

I have the following:


In the amount / month field I need to get the amount of the most recent month, example; CASAS its most recent month is February, therefore its amount is 200.
In the case of IBARRA, it has 2 months, but it only has amount in 1 month.

Can you help me to show the amount too of the user who only has a charge in a month in the output?

I attach an image of what I have.


@Sand_Kob Hi, welcome to KNIME.

Check this workflow to see if it is what you need. It would be simpler if you export your MES column as a date.
You need a dictionary to convert your month names (in Spanish) to numbers.EJEMPLO.xlsx (9.0 KB) MESES.txt (135 Bytes)

Thanks @iperez

The indicated result is what I am waiting for.

But, I don’t know which node to use or which rule to get that result :frowning:


Couple of questions to clarify: 1.- Could you have empty values on the AMOUNT col mixed withvalues? for example: ENERO 150, FEBRERO EMPTY, MARZO 200, ABRIL EMPTY?
2.- The empty and numeric values in AMOUNT/MONTH are clear., How do the ALERT label is assigned?.

You won’t find a “magic node” to do the job, you´ll need to build a workflow

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Hola @Sand_Kob , en el nuevo foro en español podemos ver este tema con mas detalle.

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