Help with basic Twitter setup please

Hi guys I’ve been trying to work on this project for a while and I’m completely new to knime and am honestly really struggling…

I want to analyse tweets that say “Brexit” at different time intervals (preferably every month), i’m hoping i can set up a sentiment analysis process to analyse each tweet and give the month a rating of positive/negative, but I have genuinely no idea, does anyone have any guides they can point me towards, or just feel like helping me at all? :slight_smile:

thank you guys

Hi @youssef14uk -

There are a couple of workflows on our EXAMPLES server that might be of use to you. I’ll provide links to our new Workflow Hub, but these workflows can be easily accessed from within KNIME Analytics Platform as well.

The first highlights use of Twitter nodes to extract information for a particular search term:

The second shows, among other things, a method to perform sentiment analysis on data from Twitter using a custom dictionary.

There’s also an external blog I found that walks through the steps of using Twitter nodes in KNIME, and gets into term frequency, but stops short of sentiment analysis: It’s a nice writeup, and might be a good place to start before diving directly into the workflows themselves.