Help with data cleansing column and cell moving Excel

How do I move specific cells in column ‘date’ to a new column with KNIME and then repeat the unique ID data in that cell until it reaches the next unique ID and then repeats that?

Here is what the final version should look like:
2023-09-13 12

I would like to do it faster with KNIME in the future.
As well, handling the removal of the Well Total would be great too but I think I can row filter that out quite easily.

Here is a sample copy of the data
production.xlsx (16.6 KB)

Hello @mr2mike , subsurface team to the rescue :wink:

It’s a quite simple task if you move the $Well_ID$ instead…

20230913_cleaning_production_data_v0.knwf (51.8 KB)



Ha! I knew I had to hide the well location :wink:
Thanks!! Started on the wrong thing and then buried trying to manipulate that pathway which wasn’t working.
I’ll keep this info in hand. Especially the Missing Value use previous value part. Good use of it!

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