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Hi, I am new using Knime and i was trying to make a prediction model, in most of the examples that i have seen people use the Domain calculator node, but i don’t really understand why it’s important to include this node. Can someone help me with this?

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As some node do not refresh domain it is necessary to use Domain Calculator to do so. Otherwise domain includes old values. See here for more: Color Manager after Row Filter shows filtered values too...

You can also try running workflow example with and without it to see difference :wink:


Ok, thanks! I will try what you just say. Can you explain me please what is the “Restrict number of possible values” option for?

Hi @kerb98,

to define how many unique values are stored in table spec/metadata. You can check this in Spec tab of node output port. Additionally here is good explanation: Nominal Value Row Filter - Issue on limitation of values



Thanks! Now i have a better idea of the node.

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Glad to hear that @kerb98 :slight_smile:

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