Help with GETrequest


I'm having a lot of trouble with my first GETrequest. I'm very new to Knime so having teething problems. I feel like my main problem is a I don't know what data type my output is. 


It looks like this in my browser 

Keyword;Search Volume;CPC;Competition;Number of Results
upvc windows london;70;14.75;0.98;857000


In the output in my GETrequest all the numbers I want access to are in the "body" section. 


None of the recomended nodes such as Xpath or String to Json seem to work. Very knew and trying to work it out from scratch. Any help appreciated. 




Is that a string? I've been trying to follow examples in which GETRequest nodes are connected to Xpaths but I have a feeling that's wrong.

Looks like a csv but with a semicolon as delimiter - first row has the column names, second row has the values. 

You should be able to simply use the "Cell Splitter" node and enter ";" as the delimiter and go on from there.