Help with Java Snippet, lost on how to loop through rows and apply a switch case flow

Bare with me, as I’ve been introducing myself to java recently.

Basically, what I want to with the Java Snippet is something similar to this pseudo code.

for index of gender_column:
	switch gender_column[index]:
		case "m":
			new_column[index] = values_column[index]

		case "f":
			new_column[index] = values_column[index] * -1

		case "u":
			new_column[index] = 0

I know I can install python and Conda, but I want to do it with Java as I’m trying to learn as well.

The problem is that the node documentation only gives, as a hint, getCell(name, type) and I’m having a hard time trying to wrap my head about these things:

  1. How exactly does getCell() get the value of a cell with only the column name and the data type as parameters? I thought of using some kind of index.getCell() but I don’t see how exactly.

  2. What kind of collections are the columns of the left? As I don’t have a Java Console output I can’t try to see if it’s arrays of something else, I’m pretty lost. Same with ROWINDEX etc. Nothing shows up in the Knime Console either.

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