Help with parametrized database query

Hi everyone,

I’m new ate the software community and I’m having an issue when I run a query (node 6). This query will make a select in a dataset and make a join with the table at node 9. But this query took so long to complete, even when the dataset has only 10 rows (like the images in body).

image (here is the scheme)

image (the workflow running and node 9 is the problem)

(that’s the query)

I’m using a Oracle db and a excel spreadsheet to join.

Anyone has this issue before and can help me?



Hmm not sure if upvoting is encouraged in the forum. Nonetheless, have you checked if to_char() works the way you use it, if the variable really has to be included in “” or it may look something like

Then if you convert a Double value into a String and the reference also is a string are you sure there won’t be problems with decimal separators and stuff?

Maybe you could provide us with some sample data so we might have a look.

The relevant example uses a JSON format: