Help with selenuim chromedriver update

Hi to everybody i’ve replaced my previous version of chromedriver (102.0.5005.61) for the most recient version (106.0.5249.61) but in the moment i run my start webdriver still gives me this error:

What should i do please?


is this for the Selenium Nodes? Please describe step by step your configuration and setup and share the workflow which you’re trying to run.

Out of curiosity: Why do you manually replace the driver?


Hi Philipp, yes is for the selenuim notes, this is the workflow:

And i replace the driver manually because i search in forums about this problem in similar forums and many places they say i should go to the page of chromwebdriver and replace the previous for a most recient version

Hi @matthewrenteria,

  1. Please attach the workflow as file
  2. Please show the settings where you modified the driver version (in the preferences, I assume?!)
  3. What was the actual “problem” you’re referring to? What happens if you run with the default driver which is included?
  4. Which version of the Selenium Nodes do you use?
  5. Can you use the “Chromium (bundled)” driver?


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  1. I cannot give the keys for the node send keys for safety reasons
    Loop Lifemiles.knwf (37.2 KB)
  2. The only thing i do was replace the chromedriver in the following folder:
  3. My problem is in the moment i run the workflow, in the part where runs the node start web driver gives me the error about the version of chromedriver even after i change the .exe
  4. My version is 4.4.3
  5. No sir, i can’t use it

This path is not used by the Selenium Nodes, so modifications will not have any effects in regards to the Selenium Nodes (and might potentially break other things). I suggest to revert this to the original version.

Whoups :slight_smile: That’s more than two years old. Please update the nodes to the most recent version, which is as of this writing 4.9.4. Also please do note that it’s essential to keep the plugin updated, as this is the only way to keep in pace with constantly updating browser versions.

I’m new in all of this can you explain me how to update please?

Please go to File → Update KNIME, and update at least the Selenium Nodes items (or just everything)

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It works, thanks Philipp

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