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I am a beginner so please excuse my ignorance. I wish to create a very simple histogram, and in fact I have succeeded. Sort of. I use the songs.csv from kaggle and only look at the first 100 records and one column - the artist. I wish to do a simple histogram of the number of songs for each artist (as the artist is specified in the kaggle data set).

I use two nodes: the csv reader and a histogram node (I tried both the Histogram local and the interactive histogram). When I limit the number of songs to 100 (rows of the songs.csv data set), everything works. When I try 500 rows (or more), I cannot even open the dialog for the histogram node.

What’s going on? Is KNIME limited to 100 records?


Hi @PhilTroy

Welcome to the KNIME Community. Can you please share your data source (there appears to be a lot of song related data on that site so which one do you have) and more importantly your workflow? That way it’s easier to help you out.

KNIME itself is definitely not limited to 100 rows unless you set it yourself. I downloaded this dataset (Dataset of songs in Spotify | Kaggle
) of about 42k records and imported it into KNIME.

All Histogram related nodes were able to fully process all the records. See below:


Hi @PhilTroy

If you want to see a distribution of the number of songs per artists. Use the Bar Chart node.

gr. Hans


Hi Arjen and Hans

Thanks for replying. The file has 169910 rows in it; the second column is the artist column and appears to be an array of single quoted strings. There are a total of 19 columns. I only kept the artist column, and I added a One column (with the number 1 in it).

The bar chart node worked for 10,000 data rows instantaneously.

The nodes that I had used were the CSV reader feeding the feeding it into the histogram node.

My mistake is using (as Hans suggested implicitly) the histogram node instead of the bar chart since my items are categorical.

Thanks . . .



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