Hey guys! Can help me with a problem of cell splitter

I will explanning a little more about the problem. I have one column to CNPJ(like a business code here in Brazil), but in some lines there may be more than one cnpj separated by the string + and what I want is for each of these CNPJ to come in new lines with all other columns the same. In the 1st photo I carry the situation of my problem and in the 2nd photo what the ideal solution would be, the others are precisely my difficulties.
Thank you!



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You can use the ungroup node and app " + " as delimiter of this setting.

Can you try it or put here a demo of your workflow?



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Hey, Denis!

No exactly my friend, the ungroup transform the list but I need one CNPJ below the other in consecutive lines, as shown in figure 2 in my question. I will show with your suggestion:

Hi @Cairo,

You can use the Cell Splitter node and set the plus sign “+” as the delimiter and select “As set” or “As list” in the output section. You can also check the option to remove the source column. Then, by using the Ungroup node and including the generated column in the previous step in the configuration dialog, you will have what you are looking for in the output.


Man, thank you! Great solution and thanks Denis too


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