Hi there,

I am interested in the highlight rows feature this week. How can I set up a conditional row highlight, so for example, if cell value=x, then automatically highlight this row for me.

Is there a peice of java code which can fulfil this function? or node?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hi Stanage,

I believe the way to go is using the row filter to include the rows you want to highlight and then manually select and highlight the entire output table of the row filter node.

Would that work?
- Peter.

Hi Peter,

I know you can do that, but what I was after, is an automatic way of doing this, so that if a certain criteria is met then the data row is highlighted, a bit like conditional formating in MS excel.


Hi Stanage,

there is no automated way to highlight.
And, you can't access the HiLiteHandler in the java scripting node. So you can't automate it with the JavaSnippet node either.

- Peter.

I would also not like to see the HiLiting being used that way (i.e. as an output of a node), it is part of the visual brushing method, that is, to be used interactively and not through a node. If you want to assign properties why not use the color manager to color the points you are after in red (or whatever color can be seen best in the british drizzle :-)

Hi Berthold,

Thanks for the suggestion, I will have a look at the colour manager, and see what I can do.


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Nice and sunny over here.

It's probably easiest if you create a nominal column (string...) holding your "HiLite" information ("yes", "no") the ColorManager can then use this column to assign colors (bright red, raincloudgrey). But you can also use numerical columns to assign shades of color.


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