Hidden "changes"

Hi all,

I am just curious why have you "hidden" the DialogComponents' changeable components. Those are not accessible by subclassing, but if I subclass, those are accessible from the Component. It is a much harder way to add listeners to them. I guess you have design in this fashion to hide your possible changes in the implementation. But actually I was missing the opportunity to listen on those changes, and in one case I wanted to add more functionality to one of them. (You can check my workarounds here: http://code.google.com/p/hits/source/browse/#svn/ie.tcd.imm.hits/trunk/ie.tcd.imm.hits/src/ie/tcd/imm/hits/knime/util )
Will this change for KNIME 2.0? I really miss in some cases the protected members, or the ability to add/remove listeners to the DialogComponents. (Actually the components are really useful, but in my experience it is not easy to make them really user friendly/responsive to changes.)
Thanks, gabor

In order to get informed about changes you have to register a listener to the underlying settings model (also in the NodeModel). Did you had a look into the referring documentation under:
Is this what you were thinking of? Or is this kind of listener model not enough for your needs? Let me know.


Hi Fabian,

Thanks, this is what I was looking for. :) I have tried this before and I had some problem, so I had not tried again (I guess my problem was that there were no change event on file chooser initialization). (Or simply remembered to eclipse Preferences handling. Sorry.)
I am sorry for being so mindless.
Thanks for your help, gabor

i use database connector set

driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
url: jdbc:mysql://
query: select * from district_location

then excute

but found in the dataset table all string is wrong.

in mysql table all varchar column’s charset is utf-8.

chinese can not display normal

Hi! Sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with the encoding in your database. Can you please give an example how the result looks like and is supposed to look. Thanks, Thomas
PS: What happens if you remove the unicode and/or character encoding part from the url?