Hide elements like Refresh Button Widget in Generic JavaScript View

on forum i found a way to refer to widget Refresh Button Widget connected to Generic JavaScript View :
parent.document.getElementsByClassName(" button primary compact")[0].style.display = "none"; or parent.document.querySelector('.button').style.display = "none";.
My question is, there is some document where i can find names to all widgets, becouse i want to hide Generic javaScirpt View Widget.
parent.document.querySelector('.?????').style.display = "none";.

Hi @k0sa,

You may find our documentation on CSS styling useful in this case to identify some class names and supported configurations:

Please note that the approach of manually identifying and manipulating other views isn’t really intended and not supported, so you may run into problems with specific workflows or in future software versions.

You can explore the website source in a client browser and look to identify objects, but it may be more desirable to use KNIME-native features to display or hide views, e.g. with a refresh widget and a case/switch node to change the executed nodes depending on a condition, or creating a view component in a view that gets executed multiple times.

Kind regards