Hierarchical clustering result data order


I think it is a bit strange that the order of the result data is not the same as in the dendrogram view (at least when the distance is Euclidean, Linkage type is Complete it seems to work well for cluster numbers 1, 2, 3, but the order is really differs for 4 and above; the data has 96x9 dimensions). Is it possible to have the same order?
Thanks, gabor

Sorry for the not enough clear explanation of my problem. I did some debugging and it seems you should save the generated data table instead of the orignal one. This is a bug in my opinion, because after closing KNIME and reopening the saved workflow will show different dendrogram. (Though the order of the points on the dendrogram is still differ from the order of the rows in the output table.)

Hi, Thanks again for pointing us to this problem. We encountered a bug in the Hierarchical Cluster node when the internal model in restored, i.e. a workflow is loaded from scratch. That’s why the order of data points is different, but the dendograms (before save and after reload) look the same. That’s clearly a bug we need to fix for our next release.
Cheers, Thomas