Highlighting problem

Hi again,

First I have a question about the highlighting function. I attached a small workflow and a tiff-file to demonstrate the problem. Whenever I highlight some segments in the interactive segmentation viewer these segments are not highlighted in the corresponding interactive table and I think that should normally work. Maybe you can check what the mistake is.
Related to that I've noticed that the highlighting function would be very useful to manually select segments from a labeling for further processing (e.g. to manually remove certain segments from a labeling). To do that it would be very useful if the interactive segmentation view node could have an optional output port that provides a table with the label names of highlighted segments. Maybe there is already a way to achieve this.

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Hi Christian,

we have to admit that the hiliting is a little bit tricky if you using it the first time.

But at the end the only thing to keep in mind to make the hiliting work, is that the labels of the segments (e.g. as listed in the Interactive Segmentation View) AND the row keys of the respective table have to be the same for corresponding entries (i.e. row and segment).

Hence, in your case you only have to configure the Interactive Segmentation View accordingly. I.e. just add "test_circles.tif#$Label$" as expression in the Label Transformation-tab of its dialog. With this the labels fit the row keys the Interactive Table is connected to.

Regarding your second question: you can either use the HiLite Filter-node to split the table into hilited- and non-hilited rows or the Interactive HiLite Collector-node that allows you to add an annotation column to the hilited rows. The annotated rows can than, for instance, be filtered by the Row Filter.

Hope that helps.



Cool! Thanks Martin. I was always wandering what the "Label Transformation"-Tab is for. Now it's clear. Also the Hilite Filter node works fine. It is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again!