Hilite shortcut

Is there a keyboard shortcut to hilite a row in a table using the table viewer node. Likewise is there a keyboard shortcut to clear hiliting?



Atl-H will activate the highlite menu and S will then highlight the row. If you wanted to speed this up, you could probably use a hotkey program like Automator for OSX to simplify this process. 

Likewise, alt-h + u will un-hilite.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for the info, that makes things easier, but it would be useful if a single direct keyboard shortcut could be used to HiLite a row, by a KNIME implementation rather than relying on a third party. Just like keyboard shortcuts exist for Find, Copy, Paste, GoTo Row.



Agreed, I logged the request and tagged this post in it, so we should update here when we have more news.

Hi, was this introduced in knime 2.8, I couldn't find any shortcuts to do this really quickly.