Hilite tracking

Hi to all

I have a question about hiliting:

could it be possible that hiliting doesn't work anymore downstream a "Domain Calculation" node? I have problem back tracking some RowIDs (they did not change in all workflow).

Working on knime 2.3.3 on Windows XP.



It works (for me), for example if I put a table before and after this node. Is it possible that you have a "special" node in your flow that aggregates your data where you manually need to enable the hiliting, as implemented in the Pivot, Group By, Value Counter nodes?

Hi Gabriel

indeed I had a groupBy in the workflow but it is upstream to where I would like to hilite.

In other words, I want to see hilited rows from a scorer node in order to visualize their chemical structures (which usually have to be filtered out before to get in a model-builder). GroupBy node is the only one I have of those you mentioned, but it is upstream of a joiner node AND well before the model: so if I insert a interactive table downstream the joiner node (and thus downstream the groupBy) I cannot still filter the chemical structures which have not correctedly modeled by my decisiontree.

I don't know how to manage this as I don't know which is the basic pointer for hiliting: is this a rowID? Then it should work as it is now, but it can't work. Any hint?


Sorry, I forgot to mention that the hiliting needs to be enabled in the Joiner node as well. This solves the problem.

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