HiLite use and export

Hi all,

I'm new to KNIME and this might be a very easy thing to do but I haven't found a way yet:


I draw a line plot of some variables; what I want to do is to select from the plot a portion of these data and then keep doing other operation only one those data selected.

Can somebody tell me an easy way of doing this? thank you.



Hi Gilberto and welcome to KNIME Analytics Platform.

What you are looking for is the hiliting funcionality.

In your special case use the line plot, select the point (on the first tab there is a Mouse mode Selection availabe) Than go to the menu and select HiLite -> HiLite selected. The selected points are now hilited in orange.

Than you need the HiLite Row Splitter node. Connect it to the last node you used in front of the Line Plot and execute the splitter. It will give you at the first port the hilited points and on the second the rest.


In out getting started guide https://tech.knime.org/getting-started you also find a small section about hiliting.

Best, Iris

Thank you very much Iris, very useful! Now everything is working pefectly!