Hiliting and append annotation with accuracy


I am looking for a way to hilite and append annotation with more accurary.

For instance, in the same workflow I am hiliting some occurrences, basically three:

- low value

- high value

- exist in group

It seems that "Hilite Colector" doesn't allow to append annotation to a group of data separately. I mean since hilite is cumulative any annotation is appended to all data that is hilited. 

For instance, first I hilite in "interactive table" data with "low value" then I appended annotation through "Hilite Colector". I came back to"interactive table" to hilite "high value" and again to "Hilite Colector" to append new annotation. This latter annotation does not refer to all hilited data. If I insert the annotation it will be append to all data. 

I couldn't even append my third occurrence "exist in group", once just to a part of the hilited data is in this situation. 

So, is there any way to hilite and append annotation with more accuracy in the same workflow?

Thanks in advance,