Hiliting mechanism in example implementation


I tried to follow the example implementation for the NumericBinner.

There are many things left out and I had to guess a lot of times the next step from the also provided source code (especially when the example implementation tutorial said "Now try the following: execute the node, save, close and re-open the workflow." in the load Internal Settings section and the code implemented so far could not even be compiled as the provided code snippets access features of the Model or the NumericBin not even described), but the Binner now does what I assume it should do. Nevertheless the hiliting in the View is not propagated to the other nodes providing the data (the ASCII Reader node or the String to Numeric node I created in the workflow to test my node), not even to the table of Binned data in the same node.

Debugging the ActionListener  in the View, I see that fireHiLiteEvent is called with a non-empty Set of RowKeys, so according to the tutorial path, the View does what it is supposed to do. I guess the NodeModel also needs some EventHandler to override a default implementation of the Node base class, but the Hiliting description ends with the topic of setting colors to be able to distinguish whether a bin marker is selected, hilited or whatsoever.

Are there some important steps having been left out in the tutorial? Propagating the hiliting is one of the most important features, as far as I understood KNIME philosophy, to see which data caused a specific result, so I don't think this can "be left to the reader for excercise" without explaining the mechanism this is based on.

Martin Dietz

Thanks, Martin, for your feedback. We will carefully review the example implementation and change the website.