hint for the row filter


i'm using the row filter and sometimes i forget to flag the "contains wild card".

For me is useful to mark automatically the flag when the user insert a particular character into the pattern (eg *).



No I disagree, what happens if you actually have a * in the cell.

i prefer to still have the option.


You can always remove the flag after the insert of the special character...

Mh... just another point where in-dialog-warnings might be a good, albeit complex to implement, solution.

What I mean is that when you enter a wildcard while the flag is deactivated, a message containing a warning could appear, like the "Your password needs more characters"-warnings you get on many websites.

The same would be useful in the String Replacer, and probably some other places. But yeah, low priority dreaming, here...

Another option might be to make the defaults configurable in some way. For me personally, for example, the Loop End "add iteration column" is the most annoying setting. I almost never need it. But I do see why it's the default. The wildcard-setting, on the other hand, doesn's bother me, as I'm using regex all the time, anyway. Yeah, you can copy and paste preconfigured Nodes, but that's an additional few steps of interaction. Maybe a repository of preconfigured Nodes (and custom Meta Nodes), as, say, a subcategory in the Favorite Nodes View, is an easy to implement, and useful way?