Histogram of multiple images

I am new on KNIME. I have used imageJ and python  for image processing and people recomended to use this plattform. I would like to process more than 500 images and plot the histogram of a region of interest (ROI).  I would like to do the histogram of a single pixel. How could perform this task?. Thanks in advance. All our comments are welcome.


Hi Charli,

I am happy you are interested in trying out KNIME for your analysis, I do have a few question for you to further understand your task:

Do you want to create a histogram of the intensity values for each pixel within a ROI of your Image over the range of the 500 images? Is the ROI the same for each of the images?

If you could provide us with a few example images it should be relatively easy to develop a KNIME workflow that creates such histograms.




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