HIVE and KNIME error

I am unable to connect KNIME to a HIVE data source.
I am using the Cloudera HS2 driver v1.0.0
HiveJDBC4.jar has been added in KNIME.
I am using KNIME 4.1.4 and the HIVE big data connector.
I get either this error -> Could not initialize class com.cloudera.hiveserver2.hive.core.Hive2JDBCDriver

or sometimes I get this error while using the regular DB connector node :

Could not open client transport with JDBC Uri: Could not create http connection to {URL} failed to respond

any thoughts as to what could be wrong?

can you please use the latest Cloudera Hive driver and then register the HiveJDBC42_2.x.x.jar file as driver class make sure to select the Hive Server 2 class: com.cloudera.hive.jdbc.HS2Driver. For more details see the DB documentation.

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