Hive Connectivity (Non Kerberos) Not working

Getting the following error connecting to hive

RROR Database Table Connector 3:1 Execute failed: org.knime.core.node.InvalidSettingsException: Driver “com.simba.hive.jdbc41.HS1Driver” does not accept URL: jdbc:hive2://XXXXXXX:10000

I noticed you are using “Database Table Connector”. Have you already tried the “Hive Connector” node which comes as part of the “KNIME Big Data Connectors” extension? It detects the presence of the com.simba.hive.jdbc41.HS2Driver driver and uses that automatically (if you absolutely want to use that driver). Apart from that, the Hive Connector node also contains its own Hive JDBC driver, which is based on the open-source Apache Hive JDBC driver, so there is not strictly a need to use the Simba-based driver you are using.

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Thank you. I managed to solve it tonight. It did the following

  • Used the Database Connector Node
  • Used the following driver: com.simba.hive.jdbc41HS2Driver
  • Used my company’s DB URL

Someone told me the hive Big Data Connector is a commercial license tied to it.

Since KNIME 3.5, KNIME Big Data Connectors (which includes the Hive Connector) and our Spark integration are open-source (GPL license) and free for by use by anyone.
See here:

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