How can i add workflow that i made in Knime into my application project.

I made an model that predict the charges for health insurance and i want to made it work as a single app or in my application project. Like when i give the parameter as an input it should give me the predicted charges. How can i made it. Thank you for your help.

Either you buy the server version or run KNIME in batch mode. I have never used batch mode so not sure how easy it works with inputs. You could theoretically hide that behind your own web service but then you are just building your own version of knime-server. :wink:

Other options are if possible make your model into pmml and then in your application work with pmml.

last option is to create the model in python or r or whatever suits your needs and integrate that into the application.

In general you are facing a very, very common problem. Deploying a model successfully. IMHO just buying knime server is probably the easiest way, but you need more use for it than just 1 model to make it worht the cost.