How can I assign different workflows with a rule (rule based case switch)?

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I would like to read 4 different Excel files, which have to be filtered in file specific different ways.
To start: I am listing the files with List Files. I use URL to File Path to extract the file names and String Manipulation to write the first 3 letters of the file name into a new column.

These 3 letters (ABC, DEF etc) shall determine the following workflow:
For the case of ABC, execute Workflow 1,
For the case of DEF, excecute Workflow 2 etc
Workflow 1 starts with an Excel Reader Node, followed by Row Filters, GroupBy,Excel Writer.

My problem (and question) is: How can I set up a rule, that for the case of ABC the Workflow 1 is executed and (in parallel ) for the case of DEF Workflow 2 is excucted?

I (without success) tried to insert Rule Engine, Table Row to Variable, Case Switch Variable (Start).

Thanks for helping, Thomas

Hello @ThomasD,

to have parallel execution you need to split your data into multiple tables based on your unique id which defines which workflow is called. You can do this by cascading multiple Rule-based Row Splitter nodes. Then you can call your workflows using appropriate nodes for workflow invocation. Keep in mind that in case there are multiple ids (e.g. 2 ABCs) you need to use loop to call same workflow more than once.

Hope this helps!


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