How can I avoid the "Row Key issue" and overloading of the Knime Console issue?

I have a simple workflow with a loop (see attached workflow and screenshot ROW_KEY_COLUMN_ISSUE.knwf (26.2 KB)

) that reads url links, and some nodes like “Table Row to Variable Loop Start” and the node “String Manipulation” brings up the following message at the Knime console:

“WARN RowID 6:64:21 No row key column selected generate a new one”

The strange thing is that there are more than one “String Manipulation” nodes but the other “String Manipulation” nodes do not trigger the above message in the Knime console.

My main issue is that when I have 20,000 links to read, I get 20,000 messages and it clutters the Knime console. What can I do to avoid this issue?


Hi @amars,

The WARN message is related to the RowID node since no columns is selected as the new rowID column. But this is not a problem and everything is fine.

To disable WARN messages in KNIME console, you can follow the solution by @gabriel in this post:


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For me this is simply a hack to work around a broken system. I asked to remove this warning of the rowid node years ago. I still don’t get why the warning is needed at all. it makes no sense. I put the rowid node there for a reason. other warnings are actually relevant and hence changing the log level isn’t really a solution.

Hi armingrudd,
Thank you for your response and option on how to omit the WARN messages.

If that is the case and a RowID hasn’t been specified, then why at the third “String Manipulation” node the WARN message is triggered? Why wasn’t triggered at the first or second identical “String Manipulation” node?
I would prefer not to omit the WARN messages, because they do warn us.
Thanks again for your attention.

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Sorry for the trouble. We actually do have a ticket for this in our system (internal reference is AP-11712). I’ll add a +1 from folks on this thread.

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Hi @amars,

This has to do how KNIME works i.e. how nodes are configured and checked for execution. To understand it run one iteration and check log. Put it to DEBUG level.


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